Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello my lovely blog... Hows your 5years without me?

Well, its being almost 5 years this blog has been abandon by who else except ME! Few months back then, i was looking to do something that i love to do, which is talking (even virtually), sharing and typing haha... Planned to open up new blog but end up here again because i do have a lot of things that has been shared before here in this one and only blog i used to have....

What happen to me for the past 5 years? 

  • 2011 - My beloved mother in law passed away
  • 2012 - I went to Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia which is also known as my deary hubby's village for the first time in my life after 4 years of marriage and we come for a secret mission! hahaha... and yes, alhamdulillah mission accomplished and the result was something that being waited from the first day of our marriage! (and guest what? its been our place to go every year ahead till today!, i love the view, environment, everything!)
  • April 2012 - There's little angle in my tummy moving happily and yes i ate a lot of sweet things thru out 9 months of times hahaha...and i dint blame you dear angle..dont worry because your mummy doesnt get the fat remain in her body for a long time... (well, ive being waiting to have the same feeling as i did before but still struggling to add the numbers...huhuu )
  • Sept 2012 - 7mo preggy this time, we went to #legoland opening at Nusajaya, Johor... and yes we got the Annual Pass with special discout for early bird... oww yeah! i love it! (i'll share the rest of the story and pic when the times come, okay?)
  • December 2012 -  Lil angle was born to the world after 3 days of delayed from the expected due date! Alhamdulillah... Praised to Allah... Lil Angel was named as Alisya Safiyyah Bt Syaiful Fajri. And as a note, the name Alisya was given by my late mother in law when we were in 1st year of marriage! and unfortunately she does not get the chance to see dear Alisya. but i bet you'll be seing each other in heaven someday.

  • What happen in 2013 - 2014? I'll continue the writing later... stay tuned... (^o^)v

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